Can you defeat your opponent or will you be defeated instead?

Kono is an elegant board game that is simple to learn, but difficult to master. Players move their pieces into position along a grid and must jump their own pieces in order to capture the enemy's. The game isn't over until all of one player's pieces are captured, or are immobilized.

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The game dates back to the classic Korean game of the 19th century. While ancient, the game has retained its challenge over the centuries. While Kono is as easy to learn as Checkers, the game's strategic method of play requires players to think several moves ahead, just like Chess. Players must move their pieces with an eye to being in place at the proper time to allow the proper jump over their own game piece to capture the opposing player's pieces.

Kono will offer a challenge to even the most experienced player, and beginners will find Kono's helpful tutorial feature will allow them to understand how the game plays, as well as aiding them in gaining insight to the game's strategic underpinnings, before they take on the powerful iOS-controlled player.

Kono's pleasant background musical soundtrack, beautiful graphics, and challenging gameplay all add up to a game that is the perfect pastime for a few minutes of gameplay while waiting for an appointment, or for hours of challenging gameplay while relaxing at home.


Kono 2.0 brings an extra level of challenge to the game. While players were previously limited to horizontal or vertical moves along the grid-like board, the new version of the game brings the additional twist of diagonal moves, making an intelligent attack strategy more important than ever. Haphazard game play will soon prove fruitless, as players will learn the value of a well-thought out battle plan.

In addition to new moves, Kono 2.0 brings 17 new boards to challenge players of all ages and skill levels. While the original version of Kono was based on the 4x4 grid used in the original Korean version, but offered square grids up to 8x8, allowing only horizontal and vertical moves, version two offers diagonal moves on some of the boards, while also offering the traditional gameplay purists may prefer. In addition to the standard square grid board layouts, Kono now offers board layouts consisting of a number of challenging shapes and sizes.