My mom's selflessness and generosity knew no bounds. When faced with terminal cancer, her thoughts were of protecting other patients who might need treatment. She did not want to take help away from them even as she faced her darkest hours.

The world faces an epidemic. Our wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers are threatened by one of the deadliest diseases worldwide. In 2012, 1.6 million women around the world were newly diagnosed with breast cancer. My mother was one of them.  That same year, half a million women lost their battle to that same deadly disease.

In 2014, despite a strong will, the best medical help, and a lot of love, my mom also lost her battle to cancer.

In retrospect, it seems surreal; a 2012 mammogram found a spot so small it would have escaped detection had the test been performed just a few months earlier. But as in too many cases, early detection was not sufficient. Despite removal of the minuscule tumor, the best medical care, the utmost in community support, several rounds of therapy and a strong will to live, her cancer was too aggressive. It spread throughout her body before a detectable tumor had even started to grow.

Then on a sad day in August, the world lost one of the kindest and gentlest souls: a woman who put the welfare of those around her above herself. When faced with her own death, she showed concern, not toward herself, but toward the stranger she thought might be deprived treatment if she received it instead. When faced with death, how many people volunteer to die early if it could benefit a stranger? That was the beautiful woman my mom was. She was someone who dedicated her life to the betterment of her family and those around her. She loved all people, and they in turn loved her.

But even though she is not with us today, the lessons of caring and compassion carry on in all those she touched. From her, to me, and now to you.

My mother taught me the best way to achieve anything is to use your passion and knowledge in unique ways. Huntington Phoenix and the applications we are making fit that description exactly. By adding breast cancer awareness to the applications we love to create, and by asking those who use them to take a dollar and put it toward breast cancer research, we can use our skills to carry on her journey, her fight, and hopefully find that cure.

So please help.

Huntington Phoenix supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is on a mission to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising research. It is currently rated as one of the top charities by the American Institute of Philanthropy for its exemplary use of funds, governance transparency, and minimal administrative overhead. For every $100 dollars donated, $95 of those dollars go directly into research.

Where you donate is not important, but please donate. If you would like to learn more or donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation please follow the links below:

One final thought: even a single Dollar, Euro, Ruble, Yen, or Rupee can make a difference.

What if your contribution is the one responsible for saving a life? What if it's the one responsible for saving them all?

To paraphrase my mom: What if your donation can bring the treatment someone else desperately needs?